Organic wine is made from grapes grown in accordance with principles of organic farming, which typically excludes the use of artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. Instead, copper sulfate is used against mold as it is easily biodegradable.

Vinification process is based on natural yeast and no animal products or genetically modified plant matter is used. In later stage, for wine stabilization it is allowed to use SO2, but the sulfite level remains low. Clarification is usually done gravitationally.

Idea wise (human life on Earth) organic wine-growing is about integrity with nature – people, soil, animals and plants as one connected Word, whose balance should be sustained and any outside intervention - limited. Observation and understanding of nature is core of all action. Wines made this way are expressive, intense and strongly linked to the places they come from. It also gives more pleasure to the one drinking (low sulfites level typical of organic wines speeds up alcohol metabolism).