We import organic, biodynamic and natural wines. This means our wines are made with no chemicals, according to wines’ natural cycle and minimal human intervention or to make their taste as natural as possible.

Our portfolio is one of a kind and carefully chosen, keeping in mind modern human needs (northern hemisphere, liberal zone with traces of Judaism and Christianity blended together, developed country economy) and current knowledge of winemaking.

Our wine bar, situated Józefitów St. 8 in Cracow, is a cozy place holding 25-30 people. We invite You for even just one glass (we open most of wines from our selection) of wine and not only J

Our local specialty is grilled camembert cheese served with thyme apples and marinated grapes. We also offer seasonal vegetarian soups and quiches, cakes, rye-oat bread… everything homemade and home baked made with love and organic ingredients.